Friday, 13 November 2009

westheath yard is here . .

some time ago, myself and edwyn collins made a t.v show for ch4 here in the uk.

the idea began when i started to work as a tape-op in a studio in chiswick, london - where i first met edwyn (he was producing a vic godard / subway sect album) - and came to fruition when some 7 yrs later, a tv company asked edwyn to host a show akin to 'later.. with jools holland'.

"you know, you'll let the band perform a song, then do a live interview with them, asking them their influences etc" proffered the director, to which edwyn answered "nah, that sounds awful, but seb has an idea . ."

all those years working in studios had produced a spark of an idea, that resulted in a john waters / cinema verite based series of 6 half hour episodes, all with non-actors (mainly music industry friends, playing versions of themselves), in non-scripted scenes, with myself and edwyn doing wardrobe, props, music and directing.

it was sort of 'anti-tv' television, and was appropriately scheduled so, in the post-pub hour.

the audience would turn out to be musicians and people who worked amongst the studio scene, with fans ranging from 'the league of gentlemen' to 'the cribs' . .

i hope it finds a wider audience amongst the peripheries.

i play "jackson gold", edwyn played "denny lorimar".

(btw, its not too good)

episode 1 - part 1 of 2:

episode 1 - part 2 of 2:

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